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Intuit’s QuickBooks is an easy to use software program designed to manage bookkeeping, billing, payroll and other financial needs of businesses.

QuickBooks offers industry specific packages and add-ons as well as third-party tools that integrate with it to enhance current functions. QuickBooks is a commonly used accounting/billing program. Most accounting firms have QuickBooks software so they can easily view their clients’ books to assist in reporting and taxes.

By using an accountant’s copy, they can make changes to the data that can simply be uploaded by the business with no down time. Many times when a company starts up, it is the software recommended by their accountant. QuickBooks financial software can print checks, pay bills and track expenses. Time and expense tracking is used to produce invoices that are professional in appearance and can be customized. Invoices can be printed and mailed or emailed from within QuickBooks.

Bank accounts can be reconciled and statements can be downloaded into the program. Additional add ons and subscription opportunities can be used to manage payroll and payroll taxes, accept credit and debit cards into the program, scan and deposit your checks at the bank from your office.

Quickbooks Software October 31, 2014

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